Huey P. Newton 's Image Of Black Power Essay

Huey P. Newton 's Image Of Black Power Essay

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In the article Huey P. Newton Enthroned- Iconic Image of Black Power discusses Huey P. Newton and his image of being a black panther, and his involvement with the Black Power movement. Huey P. Newton is the founder of the Black Panthers of Self Defense. Black power and self -determination was a goal for the Black Panthers. Bobby Seale is the cofounder with Newton of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, California.
Newtown and Seale were fellow collegians at Merritt Junior College in Oakland, California. Newton and Seale were on the Soul Students advisory council and in other political-minded campus groups. Public relations was not a problem for these two, they had determination in their blood. They were tired of endless discussions about inequality and oppression that went no where. The African-American residential community was not under surveillance by the Oakland Police. So Newton and Seale enacted a neighborhood watch program in West and North Oakland, where they opened the first Black Panther Party office (Morgan, 130). The need for black power was very important for the black community. The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was motivated by Robert F. Williams. The self-defense part came from Williams. He trained and armed members to stand up against white supremacy groups.
The other important icon to the Black Panther Party was Malcolm X. During the beginning stages of the party, they had formulated the “Ten-Point Platform”. So this platform was their core beliefs and goals for the black community. It also provided a for guideline for their program development, and importantly it formulated their principles. The Ten-Point Platform produced programs for the black community. Each point out of the Ten- Point ...

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... Power and the civil rights movement. Since our class talked a lot about the civil rights movement this article fit in perfect. The civil rights movement was very important in the 1960’s because it shapes the way we live now. I have not really heard about Huey P. Newton until this class, and this article stretched my knowledge on him and the Black Panthers. Knowing that the Black Panthers did community projects really had me on their side. They are a very strong group for sticking up for their human rights.
In the article ‘We’re a Winner’: Popular Music and the Black Power Movement, discusses the Black Power Movement which came out of the struggle for political and social rights. Music was also a big realization of the Black Power Movement. Curtis Mayfield produced many of the songs that helped shaped and define the Black Power Movement. The 1967 song by Curtis Mayfi

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