Hubris Of William Shakespeare 's Macbeth Essay

Hubris Of William Shakespeare 's Macbeth Essay

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One of the greatest times in England was the era in which William Shakespeare lived. Shakespeare wrote for the queen and used his plays to warn people of the destruction that one’s own ambitions can lead to. In the Shakespearean play known as Macbeth a theme of Hubris is displayed. Hubris is a tragedy concerned of the fall of a great man from a position of superiority to humility in an account of his ambitious pride. Two well-known types of Hubris are Greek and Christina Hubris. While Greek Hubris has a rather dull outcome, Christian Hubris is the contrary; it sheds a light on the fact that there is a ray of hope in the end. In Macbeth, Greek Hubris can be seen in Macbeth’s rise and demise and Christian Hubris through Malcom throughout the story and obtaining the throne in the end. Macbeth’s change from brave to becoming a tyrant is great, and many things contribute to that. He is given a high ego and that ambition leads to his destruction. In the end, Malcom takes the throne from tyranny and restores order to the land.
The first act of Macbeth shows the seeds of evil being planted in Macbeth. His status goes from superiority to humility. In the beginning, a captain from the battle enters and tells the story of “Brave Macbeth…Disdaining fortune, with his brandished shield which smoked with bloody execution…And fixed his head upon our battlefield” (1.2. 9-16). This valiant Macbeth has defeated the enemy, Macdonwald and Duncan calls him a worthy gentleman. Macbeth wasn’t frightened of the Norwegian Invasion either, which is told by Ross, who fortifies the greatness of Macbeth’s actions. Duncan states, “What he (Macdonwald) hath lost, noble Macbeth hath won” (1.2.68). Macbeth is in a position of superiority when named Thane of Cawd...

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...reek and Christian concept of Hubris is used in the play Macbeth. It tells the tragic story of a great man falling from a high position of superiority to humility due to his ambitions. Greek Hubris is seen through Macbeth’s start as the “brave leader” of Scotland and end as a completely irrational tyrant. The Christian idea of Hubris is seen though Malcom, who restores order in Scotland after the chaos. The first act serves the purpose of showing the planting of the seeds of evil in Macbeth’s mind which would eventually lead to his fall into utter humility. This descent into humility is caused by his selfish ambitions as well as the other people around him such as the witches. Fortunately in the end, Malcom is the ray of light that shines down on Scotland and gives everyone hope. Using Hubris, Macbeth contrasts the aspects of good and evil and what power can lead to.

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