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Essay on HRM Report

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This paper investigates and follows the content of four academic articles to conclude that HR representation and CSR involvement in the Humphrey Group Board of Directors’ meeting is compulsory. The first article by Beatty, Ewing and Tharp (2003) establishes that HR will contribute in the discussion of ethical compensation to managers and will establish long-term managerial goals based on intrinsic, motivating and team-based rewards. The second article by Turban and Greening (1996) signifies HR’s contribution in maintaining ethical code and responsibility of quality management that will bring a strategic competitive advantage. This means that in the future, potential stakeholders will be aware of clear compensation ethics. If HR is not represented at the board meeting and misalignment of goals remain, this could lead to dissatisfaction, financial instability and poor communication of legal and professional rules. This may damage the company’s reputation by violation of these rules. This report also presents solutions from Frey and Osterloh (2005) and Mclean (2006) which involve the common-pool approach, value-adding HR portfolio and HR participation in CSR strategy.
Article Analysis in Support of HR Representation and CSR Contribution
Beatty, Ewing and Tharp argued the importance of expansion of the HR role into ‘improved performance management and communication systems as areas that could reduce HR’s vulnerabilities’ and suggested that dysfunctional consequences to the rewards systems ‘could be a partial explanation of recent financial scandals’ (2003, p. 263). They have not offered many potential solutions that could be presented to the Board of Directors (BoD) and have only suggested a risky independent relations...

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3. Frey, B. S., & Osterloh, M. (2005). Yes, Managers Should be Paid like Bureaucrats. Journal of Management Inquiry, 14(1), 96-111

4. McLean, M. (2006). Evaluating the Importance and Performance of the Human Resources Function: An Examination of A Medium Sized Scottish Retailer. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 13(1), 143-156

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