Essay on Hr Strategic Talent Management Recruiting For Hudson College

Essay on Hr Strategic Talent Management Recruiting For Hudson College

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In Scenario A: Talent Management, The Human Resources problem that stands out is found in this passage, “What was more of a concern, though, was the number of internal candidates for critical positions who were passed over for individuals from outside the college, some without experience in higher education; seven out of nine new supervisors were external. In addition, external searches were conducted in the hiring process of the past three senior officer positions”. HR strategic talent management recruiting for Hudson College needs to be developed. Practices that could be used to solve this issue are management development, employee training, and employee assessment.
Fred Winters, the vice president of campus operations, is having trouble with Brad Tomlinson. Usually, Winters is a “hands off” manager, but after receiving numerous complaints about Brad managing style; he had to conduct a personal meeting with Tomlinson. Employees felt Tomlinson was too abrasive and unwilling to listen to their ideas. Tomlinson who was newly hired for the director of facilities had worked in a similar capacity at a local area hospital; Tomlinson was viewed as an excellent hire with tremendous mechanical skills. He is aslo respected from his community of work and was highly recommended. Based on these reasons he was hired over Glen, a current employees applying for the job. Unfortunately Tomlinson wasn’t the best choice. It is better for an organization to develop and keep experienced and productive employees. Employees should receive career training so that they may be able to advance in the future.
At Hudson College seven out of nine newly hired supervisors were from outside the school and some without experience at an institution of higher learn...

... middle of paper ...

... be well thought out and specifically develop to attack a certain problem. The proper use of the assessment process will help prevent wasting of time and money.
David Bridges as the director of HR needs to reconsider Hudson’s training needs and help develop a plan for employee improvement; he will need to first start within his hiring processes to see how they can develop an internal search for talent. A plan can be developed for the best training programs to implement. Then, HR will need to find the best method of training. Picking the best method of training will depend on the level of training. At the organizational level outside trainers might be the best choice. Task level training needs to be conducted by the managers of the department. The line supervisors can conduct the Individual level. If Hudson follows these steps the current problem could be minimized.

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