Essay on HR Generalist vs HR Specialist

Essay on HR Generalist vs HR Specialist

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HR Generalist vs. HR Specialist
According to Christensen (2005), “HR generalists and HR specialists clash over who does what, who has the most authority, and who is most important. Both roles are clearly needed...." (p. 187) There is much confusion of the terms HR generalist and HR specialist. While both can be key components in a successful business, they have very different roles.
A HR generalist works with, or has the ‘customer’ of management and the employees of the company. This means that they will work with everyone, having contact with each person who works within the company. "All generalist HR roles involve offering support to the organization's managers and staff, and you will be expected to provide professional advice on a range of HR issues.” (What can I earn...Generalist, 2013) Generalists work closely with line managers to implement business strategy. Some of the actions that can be seen from the work by HR generalists will be to accurately and concisely interpret the business strategy into human resource planning. (Christensen, 2005) How this process takes place is simple. The HR generalist first collaborates with management. Then they would take steps to position the correct resources for the task at hand. (Christensen, 2005) As a HR generalist it is important to foster a close relationship with business leaders. “... Generalists create relationships with the business leaders that are often envied by the specialists. These relationships are essential for generalists to do their work." (Christensen, p. 195, 2005) Generalists and specialist alike can receive professional certification. "A professional certification indicates that an individual has met requirements established by a national cert...

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