HPV Vaccination: The Mandatory Urgency Essays

HPV Vaccination: The Mandatory Urgency Essays

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The HPV vaccination presented by Gerasil in 2006 has caused a controversy in the realms of science, religion, and philosophy. With nearly 6 million new cases of HVP every year, the vaccination itself has not been the issue, however it is the compulsory use of the vaccination that has been proposed in most states and implemented in a few that has caused a scene. James Colgrove of the New England Journal of Medicine presents the varying positions concerning the compulsory use of the vaccination and the arguments for and against it. The larger arguments against the vaccination have come from religious organizations who claim that the vaccination undermines the abstinence only prevention methods concerning sexual activity. They feel that the message to remain abstinent accompanied with a vaccination to prevent an STI would be the same as presenting birth control options along with an abstinence method. Another group of opposition is the libertarian ideology that would claim that the compulsory vaccination would be an imposition on the parent’s right to choose what is or is not good for their child. The argument for the mandatory vaccination and the apparent view of the author is that simply having the vaccination available will not ensure that the maximum amount of protection is achieved against HPV. The staggering numbers of new cases of HPV and cervical cancer are causing medical experts to call for the vaccination to be more available and even compulsory in the very near future (Colgrove, 2006). An interesting note made by Dr. Benjamin Brewer of the Wall Street Journal was concerning the limited clinical use of the vaccine. He took a stance against the mandatory vaccination in his article stating that in a recent study out o...

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...ing education for it as well as an affordable option to have it administered because it will indeed help the number of women who fall under the 3.4% infected with that that one strain of HPV to drop. However, a mandatory vaccination for an STI that is self inflicted is unfair to those who chose to remain sexually abstinent. I believe that the lifestyles of all Americans should be respected as long as they don’t infringe on the rights and safety of others. These lifestyles include the promiscuous student as well as the student who wishes to remain sexually abstinent and unvaccinated.

Brewer, B. PhD (2007). The Doctor's Office: Why Mandatory Vaccine Might Not Be the Answer; Online edition. The Wall Street Journal.
Colgrove, J. (2006) The Ethics and Politics of Compulsory HPV Vaccination. The New England Journal of Medicine. 355, 23, 2389-2391.

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