How Yves Morieux Is An Authority Of Corporate Strategy, Redesign, And Structural And Behavioral System Methodology

How Yves Morieux Is An Authority Of Corporate Strategy, Redesign, And Structural And Behavioral System Methodology

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Yves Morieux is an authority of corporate strategy, redesign, and structural and behavioral system methodology. He is academically inclined, with a PhD in business administration (industrial marketing), DEA in organization sociology, a postgraduate certificate in research and quantitative skills, and a master’s degree in Management (Yves Morieux, 2016). In 1995, Morieux began working at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), with a focus of providing advice to senior leadership regarding various organizational strategies and transformation designs. He is well-known for the organizational concept of Smart Simplicity: Six Simple Rules which was created in conjunction with BCG customers. The basic philosophy is centered on developing an atmosphere of cooperation between employees in order to create solutions for complicated situations. The purpose of this paper is to create an introspective point-of-view while discussing traditional organizational methods to effect change, the role of simplicity according to Morieux, why employees resist change, and analyze the method of simplification.
Traditional Organizational Methods
The traditional organizational methods for change is founded on the concept of control over employees and organizational systems; of which are obsolete in today’s culture, environment, and multifaceted business systems. Many organizations continue to utilize traditional methods: numerous levels of management, multiple experts, outsized head-quarters with abundant staff, top-heavy management, bureaucracies, and corporate specific policies and procedures (“Transforming organizational structure”, n.d.). I work for one of the largest healthcare organizations in the nation; Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). The organiz...

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...anagement role is a new career step; in which I have had struggles in creating personal boundaries, professional expectations of others, delegating tasks, and creating meaningful value in data reports, but with the six simple rules of smart simplicity I will be able to successfully perform and carry out my responsibilities with less conflict and complexity.
In conclusion, the knowledge I have gained as a result of this self-reflective essay will be useful in many aspects of my life; professional and personal. Life in general is very complex and the world continues to get more complicated, but with Morieux’s smart simplicity method every aspect is more manageable. Traditional organizational methods are not relevant in today’s market and new generation of complexity. Successful business management requires simplicity in order to create meaningful value.

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