How Xocotla Is Somewhere Else Than Stockton Essay

How Xocotla Is Somewhere Else Than Stockton Essay

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My home town, Stockton, is something I really do not hold dear to my heart, however there are memorable places and events that have happened in my life that took place right here in Stockton. I’m quite sure Delfino feels the same way with his home town, Xocotla. Sometimes we do not love our home town, due to the atmosphere that each neighbor you lived next to gives off. At the same time however, we cannot forget these events in our lives that took place in our home town, because it is something we cherish. Even if these places we call home are different, there may be some similarities that may help or resonate with us. I’m sure that Stockton and Xocotla are not the same place, so they will have a lot of differences, but I also believe that it has some similarities as well.
There are the typical comparison of how Xocotla is somewhere else than Stockton, but that is too mediocre. I want to explain more in depth comparisons of Stockton and Xocotla. A start can be how diverse Stockton’s population is compared to Xocotla’s. Stockton contains many ethnicities while Xocotla mainly consist of Latinos, but the reason for that is due to the fact that Xocotla is is Mexico. According to the book, Xocotla’s population was growing by an insane amount and that it had “no industry, no jobs, and its agriculture was wasting” (Quinones, 21). In Stockton, jobs are somewhat plentiful, not to appease everyone, but it is enough.
Compared to Stockton, Xocotla is a poor town, with the increase of population, Xocotla got worst. Agriculture were destroyed by “people or by pigs or dogs wandering leisurely” (Quinones, 21), while in Stockton, agriculture seems fine, I mean when I go to groceries stores, products are there, plentiful as well for multiple cus...

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...and then get a job to support my parents. That is actually what both of my oldest sibling are trying to do; they are trying to finish their long journey to finally start their career. They’ve been stuck at Delta, in fact, for about seven to nine years, thinking about what they wanted to do and where they wanted to study. Fortunately they got into Sac State and my oldest sister is graduating this semester, while my oldest brother is graduating either the following semester or next spring. After them, I have the responsibility to finish my education and help them with supporting my parents. Putting aside the two different towns, I am actually quite similar to Delfino as well. Actually what am I saying, a lot of people are the same as Delfino and me, all we want to do is help our family who has taken care of us since we were born onto earth. That is life to many of us.

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