How Writing Is An Essential Everyday Skill

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Writing is a very important skill to have especially in the real world. Writing helps organize ones’ thoughts so that society can understand their views and opinions. It leads to expression and imagination to share to the world. Writing is an inevitable skill to have; it goes hand in hand with reading. To not have writing and reading is almost immoral; writing is an essential everyday skill that we need to continue on with our lives and we take it mostly for granted when people in other countries in the world do not have the material and resources to expand their vocabulary and writing skills. Writing helps me become more proficient in this class an especially in my other classes. In my history class we are to write an essay in the matter of fifty minutes on any of the three topics the professor gives us. The essays that we write aren’t always going to be grammatically correct all the time but, the content of the essays that I have written are much more organized and cohesive. The structure and grammar is not something that the professor would take points off but, my other professor, for example, my parenting in diverse family’s professor would. The instructor gives us a sufficient amount of time to have the best essays we could muster up in the time that we are given. Becoming more proficient in my writing skills specifically help me in my area of study which, is Human Development and Family Sciences, to be able to become a marriage and family therapist. This writing course is a COMMUNICATION class and the skills that I have acquired in taking this class will effectively show in the way I communicate and write. To become a marriage and family therapist you have to communicate with the “patients” In simpler words you are there to... ... middle of paper ... ...back up the authors claim in the passages; I did that for my claims only. To say I didn’t bring any weaknesses to the class would be a lie. I feel like I brought a lot of weaknesses due to the fact that in English class my senior year we did not focus mostly on the grammatical aspect of in writing essays. We mostly focused on the content and if we answered the topic while being able to back it up through the literary devices we found in the passages all under forty minutes. I believe my weaknesses include grammar and structure, while I found that I lack in strength in time management during the semester. Through the experience of my first semester of college I have gotten a better grasp at managing my time. I do plan on continuing to improve my writing skills to help me become a better communicator even after finishing the one more semester of English I have to take.
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