Essay on How Writing Can Improve My Own Writing

Essay on How Writing Can Improve My Own Writing

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Writing is something everyone has to do. It is needed in every field, no matter what job you end up with. It can be simple emails to complex lab research papers. Therefore, learning to write correctly is important. It is important to know based on the audience that it will change the way you write and what type of writing you will need to do. In English composition, this semester we worked on this quite a bit. Although, there are some areas in which I improved; there are still other areas in which I need to continue to improve in and have trouble writing as well. Therefore, I will cover some aspects of writing and what I need to improve on in my own writing.
Different genres of writing can be difficult to switch from one to the other. Especially if you don’t feel confident in your writing in a specific genre. For me. I find it difficult to write persuasive essays. Especially when I don’t get to choose my own topic and one is provided for me. The issue I have is being able to come up with the main ideas to support my claims; sometimes, by the end of some of my persuasive papers, they...

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