How Would the World be Different if the Ancient Greeks had Decided Not to Colonize?

How Would the World be Different if the Ancient Greeks had Decided Not to Colonize?

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Early in the first millennium B.C.E., ancient Greece was reduced to ruins by bloodthirsty migrants who destroyed the educated class. Most of those who were fortunate enough to survive the devastation did so by goat farming (Fernandez-Armesto, 2011, p. 110). In order to escape their increasingly oppressive environment, the Greeks began to travel and explore far away from their homeland, colonizing areas along their routes and engaging in trade with other civilizations. As they continued to venture farther, they erected permanent dwellings, fabricated ornate shrines and created artistic masterpieces, some of which are still standing today. They created a writing method based on the earlier Phoenician alphabet and created literature which has survived for many centuries. Emigration continued, and “wherever they went, they reproduced Greek ways of life” (Fernandez-Armesto, 2011, p. 111). The Greeks developed one of the early systems of democratic government, and were mainly responsible for advances in medicine which are practiced today. Not only did they excel in science and mathematics, but in philosophy, art, literature, and physical fitness as well. Let us suppose, however, that these early pioneers did not travel and did not share their knowledge, expertise, and culture with others. Let us imagine a world without Greek influence.
The first thing to remember is that many of the world’s architectural structures would differ vastly from that which we consider typical. The Greeks had a profound influence on building engineering and architecture; however since they never migrated, neoclassical styles (Explore) were not learned by others. The White House, erected over two hundred years ago, is a simple structure, consisting ...

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