Essay on How Word Processing Affects Student 's Writing Ability

Essay on How Word Processing Affects Student 's Writing Ability

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Roblyer and Doering (2010) acknowledge that even though “...word processing has become the most commonly used software in education” research on the benefits of its use in the classroom shows controversial findings (p.115). This essay will briefly discuss a few obvious benefits of word processing as well as summarize Bangert-Drowns, 1993; Hawisher, 1989; Snyder, 1993 and Goldberg, Russell, and Cook, 2003 research on how word processing affects student’s writing ability. The essay also includes a personal reflection the how word processing tools benefit students. In the end, however, it is up to the readers to determine if the use of word processing tools in the classroom is a beneficial for student growth in writing.
Word processing programs make teachers’ and students’ life much easier. Roblyer and Doering identify these benefits as being able to save time by easily creating and modifying teacher and student materials, improve overall document appearance, use of templates and ease of sharing documents for both grading and collaboration. But these benefits have nothing to do with the overall performance of student writing, they simply make writing task easier.
Based on the findings of Bangert-Drowns, Hawisher, and Snyder it appears that if students are taught good writing skills and have time to familiarize themselves with the word processing systems their writing quality and quality will improve with the use of word processors. Each of the three studies concluded that students wrote more on word processors compared to handwritten assignments (Roblyer & Doering, 2010) but the quality of writing was inconclusive in two of the studies. In 1992 to 2002 Goldberg, Russell, and Cook completed another study which revised former ...

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...ier, teachers are not teaching the technology, but rather the subject manner (in this case, the writing process). Word processing should just enhance the learning process.
Personally, it was shocking to read the Roblyer’s 1997 research findings that word processed essays tend to be scored lower than handwritten compositions. As a College Board Reader (grader), these findings are opposite of what test readers have found. Word processed evaluations tend to score higher than handwritten ones. This is something of great interest and will be researched personally.
In sum, regardless of the controversial findings word processor use is growing in schools and despite the obstacles faced teacher and student dependence on such programs is also growing (Roblyer & Doering, 2010). The trick is learning how to overcome the obstacles and develop with the new world.

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