How Women Cope with Cancer Major Challenges Essay

How Women Cope with Cancer Major Challenges Essay

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This article presented the readers with a clear purpose for this research. The researchers wanted to look at the uncertainties that young women that are survivors of cancer face, and how they cope with these major challenges and changes in their life that they are faced with after surviving breast cancer. This article focuses on younger breast cancer survivors (BCS) because breast cancer is seen more often in older women, the writers state that there is little research done on the stress of survivorship in younger women. These women are faced with multiple demands in life which can then be further complicated with diagnosis and treatment.
The researchers wanted to focus on getting more research on the effects on African American survivors, because there has been very little research done on this minority; and they believe that this population would benefit from targeted intervention that can focus on their concerns. In the ethnic variation part of the paper, the researchers suggest that African American BCS have more difficult survivor experiences than Caucasians.
This research i...

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