How Weather Conditions Affect Health and Well-Being in Singapore Essay

How Weather Conditions Affect Health and Well-Being in Singapore Essay

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How Weather Conditions Affects Health and Well-Being

Singapore is an island lying north of the Equator. Because it lies in the tropics, it receives sufficient sunlight, has mostly uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity and abundant rainfall. Singapore’s climate can be categorized into two main monsoon seasons.
During the Northeast Monsoon season, from December to early March, northeast winds prevail. It is cloudy with frequent afternoon rain in the early part of this season. From late March to May, winds and showers are present mostly during afternoon and early evening. The Southwest Monsoon season, from June to September, has more isolated showers in the late morning and early afternoon. From October to November, winds and breezes prevail, with showers and thunder in the late afternoon and early evening.
The temperature in Singapore ranges from 31 deg C at maximum and 24 at minimum. The pressure fluctuates between 1012 and 1005hPa, average being 1009hPa. Relative humidity drops from the high 90’s in the early morning to 60% in the mid-afternoon. Average humidity is 84%. There is no distinct wet or dry season in Singapore. Maximum rainfall occurs in December and April while drier months include February and July. Sunlight is also present as Singapore lies near the Equator.
Some health conditions can be affected by weather conditions such as pregnancy, arthritis, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, fatigue, muscle pain, migraines, sinus headaches, multiple Sclerosis, loss of coordination or balance and Raynaud's phenomenon, where blood flow to fingers are disrupted and asthma.
During pregnancy, weather conditions like temperature and humidity changes lead to fluctuation in barometric pressure. This is dangerous as a sudden...

... middle of paper ... on how tropical weather affects health as little data could be found online. There should also be more research done on how warmer weather can affect health and well-being.
Pregnant people may be affected by sudden changes in barometric pressure. As a sudden drop of air pressure outside equals an increase of air pressure inside, the pressure increase can trigger labour. Hence hospitals should stabilize the air pressure to prevent this.
Due to the change in time zone of Singapore, natural circadian rhythms are affected and people may feel energetic in the late night and lethargic during the early morning. This is because the time zone is not synchronized with the natural time as Singapore’s time zone was synchronized with Beijing. This moved time forward and thus affected the natural circadian rhythm. Hence time should be shifted back to its original state.

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