How We Learned How Our Ancestors Have Evolved Biologically And Culturally With The Changing Environment

How We Learned How Our Ancestors Have Evolved Biologically And Culturally With The Changing Environment

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From the earlier chapters, we learned how our ancestors have evolved biologically and culturally with the changing environment. How we went from being quadrupeds to bipeds; and from being among the wild chimps and apes in the wilderness to the loving and nurturing human beings that we are now. Through all those years of evolution, we have adapted to learn and manage culture by the way natural selection has arranged our brains. When we reflect on everything that we have learned so far on human evolution, biologically, I would say that our brain played a major part in it. It is because of our brain that we learned how to be creative, how to make tools, explore the wild and learned how to survive. In that process, along with the genetic changes, we also formed certain cultures – a major aspect of what our brain does, just the same as smelling and breathing are what noses do. I think the notably continued expansion of our brain and intelligence correlates with the increased complexity in our culture. As such, this influenced my thinking and interpretation that modern human cultures and social systems could be best viewed or interpreted as the evolving products of human evolution that created our very human nature.

According to our text, in meeting the challenges of living, human beings remarkably are so resilient to quickly adapt or respond to its new environment, which is also referred to as our functional responses (Larsen 133). These functional responses are seen through four different levels of adaptations – genetic, developmental, acclimatization, and cultural or behavioral adaptation. Again, here, we could see how genetics and culture co-exist as key points to what makes up modern human society. This cycle of stages is n...

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...ore genetic differences with Gorgeous, who is also black. However, surprisingly, Jamil showed more similarities with Kiril, who is white. These results were consistent to what the anthropologist explained earlier in the film that there are more genetic differences within the so-called racial groups than between them. This is primarily because the gel electrophoresis test revealed interesting results that shatters any previous allegations that the genetic content of people from a particular race is similar.

Thus, based on the findings from the test as well as the opinion of the experts, how we perceived race along the racial lines that separate us from each racial group, is wrong and has no biological basis. However, this does not mean that the race concept is not true because you can never take away race in racism, which is already deeply rooted in our culture.

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