How We Can Make Effective Interpersonal Relationships Essay

How We Can Make Effective Interpersonal Relationships Essay

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When we communicate, is our message received? If it is, then fine but if it isn’t how can we become better at communicating our interests? Many scholars have studied interpersonal relationships. They have poured over data, conducted studies and written theories on how we can make effective interpersonal relationships.
I, myself have tried over the years to cultivate this ability. Mostly through self-taught or trial and error and some scholarly education. After taking this course I see how some of the things tried were apart of these theories and learned others to help further my education.
These theories can help us understand who we are. While studying for this course, Relational Dialectics (Griffin, Ledbetter, Sparks, 2015) stood out. Early in life we want everyone to like us and I was no different. I would conform many times to the people around. However, that began to tear me apart with my true feelings on certain issues. There was a constant struggle, that tension with certain relationships. The fear that if true feelings were spoken and not that of the populace, friendships might be lost. This muddied my personality of self. Once this could not be tolerated anymore a decision was made to make true feelings known regardless. In most cases, people who were trues friends didn’t care. The difference in opinion often lead to spirited debates on issues while maintaining that respect for each other. In others, friendships faded away. I look at those as losses of course, although at the same time realizing the friendship wasn’t being truly represented, so it was probably for the better.
Having these tensions in relationships; those contradictions and differences of opinions can lead to deep understandings of each other (“Relational...

... middle of paper ... loved listening to music loud and many people told you, that you could suffer hearing damage by doing that, would you stop listening to loud music? This scenario falls into line with Social Interactionism (Griffin, et al., 2015). As Griffin stated, “The term refers to the language and gestures a person uses in anticipation of the way others will respond” (Griffin, et al., 2015, p. 54). It can be simple things such as smiling at a stranger when you walk by them or greeting someone hello. Most people would expect a smile or hello in return.
Applying this information to the loud music scenario, one would think most people would turn down the music. However, that isn’t always the case. As Crossman (n.d.) also examined how even though there is hard facts about dangers of smoking, teens still prefer the symbolic meaning and positive image of smoking to their friends.

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