How Water Is Related To Chemistry Essay

How Water Is Related To Chemistry Essay

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How Water Is Related To Chemistry Water is a polar solvent, its molecule is covalently bonded that makes up for an unequal sharing of the electrons resulting in partially positive and partially negative water molecule. Organic molecules like Ethane and many other molecules are non-polar, that is they neither have a positive nor a negative end. As a result, he individual molecules within the water are greatly interconnected because of the presence of weak hydrogen bonds. Water acts as a universal solvent. All the living things are made up of entities, called atoms and molecules, and these entities are inside aqueous solutions that is the solutions containing elements dissolvable in water. Defining solutions, these are homogeneous mixtures of the molecules made up of two or more elements. Usually, the solvent is the substance, which is present in the solution in the largest amount, forming, most of the time a liquid. The substance that is in the lesser amount of the solvent is called solute. Disbanding of an ionically bonded compound, for instance sodium chloride or NaCl by means of water is the easiest process. Nevertheless, looking at their molecular makeup sets up the solubility of a lot of molecules. The biochemical foundation for this process is that the organic breaks up in to compounds called lipids that lack polar covalent bonding in certain regions. Fats are member of the lipids group. The polar water molecule that is covalently bonded behaves so as to keep out non-polar molecules that result in the clumping together of fats. Thus, the make up of a lot of molecules to a great extent affect their solubility. Water has a tendency to break down into H+ and OH- ions. During this disassociation process, the oxygen hold on to t...

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... along with the negative lone pair of a different water molecule, termed as hydrogen bonding. This hydrogen bonding is a form of a brittle electrostatic attraction, giving rise to a complicated system of molecules. Thus, water is all the more related to chemistry. In fact, most of the processes and chemical reaction comprises of the molecule of water one way or the other, may that be formation of the solution as a solvent, or may that be the testing of the electronegativity of the substance, every where in the chemistry, we see the role of water. Water is not just related to scientific chemistry, but also related to the chemistry of life, as the life form is more or less comprised and build up of water. References Chemistry in Context" Wm C Brown Publishers, Dubuque Iowa, 2nd edition, A project of the American Chemical Society, ed: A. Truman Schwartz et al., 1997

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