How was Medicine in the 1920’s Essay

How was Medicine in the 1920’s Essay

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Medicine has been developed and discovered for thousands of years; however, the 1920’s was the first decade that fashioned a pathway for new developments and discoveries. Medical professionals have taken a huge hit for their fight in finding new inventions that can save patients from death’s hands. In the 1920’s, medicine has also taken a tremendous leap in controlling fatal diseases such as diabetes (Pendergast 110). Medicine in the 1920’s has altered the way medicine is shaped today; furthermore, the development and discovery of the iron lung, penicillin, and insulin were the first pertinent breakthroughs in medical history (“Iron” par. 7; Grimsley par. 15; “Banting” par. 13).
The Iron lung was one of the first medical advances made in the field of biomedical engineering (“Iron” par. 7). Philip Drinker, a professor at Harvard University, was the first person to invent an artificial respirator: the iron lung (Pendergast 119). Drinker was an American born who majored in chemical engineering (Schlager par. 2). He invented the iron lung in the year 1928 (Baughman 343). With the development of the iron lung, Philip Drinker established a way to save a patient’s life (Pendergast 119). He developed a machine that could work on anybody, no matter their body type (“Iron” par. 4). The iron lung, sometimes known as the Drinker tank, was invented to be used as an artificial respirator. This invention, however, was a means to keep patients with Poliomyelitis breathing, but it could not be used as a cure (“Poliomyelitis par. 7).
One of the main focuses of the iron lung was to save patients who contracted the disease Poliomyelitis. Poliomyelitis, Polio, affected a patient’s breathing due to damaging paralysis in their lungs (“Poliomyelitis...

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Schlager, Neil, and Josh Lauer. “Philip Drinker.” Science and Its Times. Vol. 6. Detroit: Gale, 2000. Web. 22 Feb. 2014. .

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