How Video Games Affect The Academic Performance Of An Individual Essay

How Video Games Affect The Academic Performance Of An Individual Essay

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Research has always been conducted to find different ways to enhance the school curriculum but the current talk going around the globe is about enhancing school learning through video games. Although this view is criticized by some people, but a large number of people believe that video games might enhance the academic performance of an individual. According to Simkova, “there are still problems in the attitudes and prejudices of teachers on the use of games in education” (1227).However, other teachers have an important role in promoting learning through video games. Accordingly, this paper will examine the merits and demerits of using video games for educational purposes. First, I will highlight the positive effects of video games on an individual. Second, I will point out the negative impacts of playing computerized games.I will argue that video games not only improve the thinking ability of a person but also enhances the educational performance of an individual and makes learning a fun activity.
There has always been an influence of video games on children. Almost every child as well as every teenager loves to play computerized games. But the question raised was that is it worth spending time on video games. According to Sun and Gao, “It is estimated that the obesity rate has tripled since 1980 among youth aged 6-11” (1) which is due to lack of physical activity. So to study this problem “53 elementary school students were assigned to an experimental condition” ( Sun and Gao 1).The experiment was conducted to show the difference between active video games and normal or sedentary education video games ( Sun and Gao 1). In fact, the results showed that, there is a “natural connection between physical movement and cognitive enga...

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...nants” (59). Another downside of learning through computer games is high maintenance as video game based learning environment would require a large number computers and other electronic gadgets which are quite difficult to maintain (Simkova 1226).
In conclusions, as my paper has demonstrated that merits of using video games for educational purposes outnumber the demerits , video games surely enhance the thinking ability of a person as well as the educational performance of an individual and makes learning a fun activity. In addition the practical knowledge given by teachers is quite limited whereas knowledge gained while playing video game is quite a bit. Moreover, the upcoming world is the more of technology oriented. As Grenshenfled suggests that we should start giving importance and attention to video games as these will leading the youth in the coming time (59).

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