How Traveling Is An Integral Part Of The Learning Process Essay

How Traveling Is An Integral Part Of The Learning Process Essay

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Anderson University stands out from other universities in many ways, with one of the reasons being Anderson’s travel and cultural opportunities. Traveling is an integral part of the learning process. Living or spending time in another country takes a student outside of their realm, literally and emotionally. They are forced into flexibility. The popular term “culture shock” is named that way for a reason. Students can also stretch their worldly knowledge through campus cultural events. While most colleges offer study-abroad options for their students, Anderson students can study-abroad, sign up for a Tri-S trip, or attend campus events if they desire to learn about cultures. Anderson University offers these possibilities to its students, but do students desire to learn about the world around them? Do students find that travel is a worthwhile avenue to learn about the world and do they attend campus culture events? Are there benefits to this type of learning?

I set out in an attempt to answer these questions, starting with a survey. As a way to learn and validate the research process, the students of English 1120 each conducted a survey with the other students in the class. The task was to compose surveys of two or three focused subject questions. It was especially pertinent to create questions with enough depth so that the results would reveal information about student behavior. In the class survey I composed, students answered questions based on their relationship with cultures different from their own. The first question asks students if they had ever traveled, and how far their adventure took them if they had. Ten students have traveled outside of the United States borders, and five students have ventured across the pond to o...

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...ned skills such as adaptability, tolerance to new things, grace and openness. Traveling to another country or overseas takes a student out of the realm they are accustomed to and gives them a new perspective. “Anne Combs, a senior majoring in Spanish and English as a New Language (ENL) education. Anne said of being immersed in a new culture, ‘I have always felt encouraged to only be friends with Christians, but God really spoke to me through studying abroad. Some of the most remarkable friendships I made were with people who many Christians would say were living “alternative lifestyles”’(Hannah Schumacher). These experiences in some ways make a student friendlier- they know how to approach people that live different lives than they do. Had the students never experienced life outside of their cultural realm, they most likely would not adapt as well to new situations.

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