How Toys Affect Gender Roles Essay

How Toys Affect Gender Roles Essay

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About a year ago I left my job working at ToysRUs and went back to visit a few days ago. Once I entered the store the lay out had stayed the same as always, boy toys on the left and girls in the middle and “uni-sex” toys on the right. After walking through the aisles of the store I never really considered how toys could influence gender roles that could lead up to adulthood.
In the section of what is considered “boy toys”, it definitely influences how boys should strive to be manly, strong and heroic. While displaying the types of jobs or careers only a man should have. In one of the aisles it was strictly construction work benches with hard hats and power tools. On the right side of the aisle it had only dress up combat army gear with guns, body armor along with army trucks and tanks. Throughout the rest boy sections it displayed the stereo typical superheroes, remote control and model cars, sports items and dress up clothes for a doctor, fireman, policeman, etc. After viewing the video Tough Guise Trailer it is interesting to see at the toy store of where boys a small idea of what...

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