Essay about How Touch Is Touch?

Essay about How Touch Is Touch?

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Touch is one of our five main senses and important sense to be able to perceive reality. The way we as individuals touch things gives us a sense of connection whether it the thing we are touching is a hand of a friend or the prickly spines of a cactus. In the video Touch. it explores the different natures of touch in different movie clips the video provides. This video would attract viewers who are interested in the emotional atmosphere in films or for those who want to understand a deeper meaning of the term touch. Touch. communicates to the audience how touch can be perceived as a positive emotion, negative emotion or neutral emotion through the reactions of the actors and actresses in the movies. Note that this analysis will cover most clips in the video but not all clips.
The video starts off with an introduction of the definition of touch. This provided the audience a technical term before showing movies. The first clip came from the movie (500) Days of Summer of two people’s hands touching each other. In this clip, characters Summer and Tom were talking about their feelings. Summer told Tom that she did not want a serious relationship. Summer ends up marrying some other guy. Those who have not seen this movie and only saw this clip would assume that they are holding hands like a couple. However, in this context, Summer was holding Tom’s hand for a short amount of time before she left and went away. This shows that the holding of hands between Summer and Tom was bittersweet because of the potential of Summer and Tom being a couple only have that possibility fade away. As a result, the feelings from both Summer and Tom holding hands is a neutral emotion since it is a bittersweet feeling. All things considered, this clip featu...

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...boat, he lifted his fin and touched the bottom of the boat. Yes, Nemo did touch the butt and made Marlin perturbed. Nemo seemed to be vexed about Marlin yelling at him. Thus, the emotions from touching the Butt was negative by both Nemo and Marlin. All things considered, both expressed annoyance towards each other as a result from Nemo touching the Butt.
Touch. expressed all types of emotions ranging from a happy comforting hug to the fear of an evil being through the clips shown in the video. The presentation of this video is a great example on how touch is a core symbol in film and makes differences their stories. This also points out a diversity of tone in these movies. Whether watching a tear-filled chick flick or a family oriented annotation; the sense of touch in these movies creates an atmosphere for viewers to experience the same feelings as the characters.

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