How Touch Can 't Live Without Touch Essay

How Touch Can 't Live Without Touch Essay

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As humans, we can’t live without touch. It 's in our nature, to be touched and crave touch. It 's how we commentate, with people we care about it. How you were raised at home, when it comes to touch will greatly impact your life. There are some people who don’t have any empathy, that partly comes from childhood. Touch is a language, we often overlook this matter. In my research paper, I will be going over, the important power that touch has on our lives. Understanding what touch means, Cognitively and psychically.

Touch is how we communication with the world around us. It’s a physical feel with someone else, and also emotional. There are four basic principles of touch, I will go over them. The first is intimate, we have pressure receptors in our body react to touch a kiss, hug or a handshake can trigger the receptors. For example when it comes to a kiss from someone you care about, you feel comfort and happy. A handshake is a little different than a kiss, it’s a universal way of introducing yourself. With people that are close with, giving a hug might be more comfortable for you. Hugs are a simple way of showing affection, that is sometimes overlooked. Giving someone a hug, realises endorphin, also know as the happy hormone. With others, a simple handshake will do. The Second kind of touch is therapeutic and healing. This kind of touch is more on the line of massage. Massage therapist practice a lot of touch with different clients. They have different kinds of style of massage. Classic Swedish massage would require the clients to undress and go under the sheets, that might not be comfortable for everyone. Theirs also the massage fully covered no clothes removed some would prefer this modality. You as the clients decides ...

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...m. Touch could have a negative part as well. Some people may have triggers, that are set by past experiences. For example, someone who has been a victim of rape, would not walk into a massage therapist room easily. They would have a fear of being touched. As a massage therapist, there is the rule of ethics that we must follow. There questions that we must ask our clients how comfortable they are. Making sure there comfort zone and met. We always have to ask, “please dress down to your comfort level.” Some clients, will undress normally and go under the sheets, some clients will take off their shoes. I can always tell the, which ones are less contented being there and the one that are not. Some clients come to see me because they have a sore back and must see someone to work on those knots, don’t really have the choice. Others come to see me, for a tranquil massage.

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