Essay on How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Essay on How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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“The academic objectives of schools cannot be met un¬less teachers provide students with a socially and emotion¬ally healthy classroom environment” (as cited in Brackett, Reyes, Rivers, Elbertson, & Salovey, 2011, p. 27). Making classrooms safe, healthy, and conducive to learning are of the utmost importance. One way for teachers to obtain these objectives is by creating positive student-teacher relationships. In the article, “How to Win Friends and Influence Students,” Biga and Spott apply methodologies from the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and transform them to fit a classroom setting. Biga and Spott believe that making students feel important is a proactive task to which teachers must adhere. Three techniques that the authors suggest will improve student-teacher relationships include: welcome messages, getting their attention (through giving attention), and conversation stacks.
A welcome message is a great way for teachers to introduce themselves to students and their parents before the school year begins. A brief introductory email at the start of a school year sends the message that the teacher is approachable and open to communication. Emailing students and parents regarding class schedules, supplies, expectations, and the syllabus, are keys to starting off the year with positive relations. In this way, “Students feel like they ‘belong in’ and are ‘essential to’ the class before class has even begun” (Biga, Spott, & Spott, 2013, p. 103). There are many websites today such as Mailchimp and Smore that allow teachers to create stunning newsletters with ease. These newsletters are an excellent way to keep students and parents “in the know”. Early correspondence is the first task in building positive relations...

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...11) make the comment that supportive classrooms are related to greater student motivation, inter¬est, enjoyment, and engagement (p. 27). If followed, the objectives listed by Biga and Spott allow the teacher to be proactive in how classroom relationships are formed. Above everything else, teachers must remember to “put on love” (NIV, Colossian 3:14), for it is by donning the love of Christ everyday that can transform any classroom and penetrate any darkness. The classroom can quickly become a chaotic environment, however, by maintaining solid teacher-student relationships, respect and honor will be ever present. By listening to students, making information relatable, and by showing genuine sincerity, teachers show students that they care, and not just about their educational pursuits, but about them as individuals, as future leaders, and as someone of importance.

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