Essay on How to Sustain Customer Loyalty towards Brands

Essay on How to Sustain Customer Loyalty towards Brands

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The cut throat competitive era has put every company on its guard. They are well aware of the fact that customers tend to be very disloyal. The focus on the customer retention and loyalty has been increased because companies are realizing the dire importance of customer loyalty and they are focusing more in retaining the customers (Hill & Alexander, 1996).
According to Kumar and Shah (2004) the brand loyalty is one of the most widely studied marketing concepts by the researchers and it is also the most implemented marketing initiative by practitioners. The two authors relied upon the past studies to review important findings related to customer behavior and attitude in the context of customer loyalty and drew their conclusion on their findings. They highlighted the relationship between the customer loyalties to the financial growth of the company and brought forward a conceptual framework for building, developing and sustaining loyalty and consequently ensuring financial growth as well.
Taylor, Celuch and Goodwin (2004) found out through their research on the customer loyalty of industrial heavy equipment that brand equity and trust are consistently the driving force behind both behavioral and attitudinal forms of customer loyalty. They put forth the suggestion of integrated marketing strategies to build brand equity and trust in their customer base which will eventually lead to customer loyalty. This research however has limitation of being conducted on the sample of industrial customer which might not work so well with the general customers.
Brand loyalty can be roughly defined as an attitude and feeling of attachment and affection towards the brand which can ultimately benefit both the customer and the company. The brand ...

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