How To Solve The Foreclosure Crisis: Use Nonprofits Essay

How To Solve The Foreclosure Crisis: Use Nonprofits Essay

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It may not seem to be, but the reality is, the Foreclosure Crisis could be as huge as the Hunger Crisis in other parts of the world or as big as Global Warming. However, many have neglected this issue or have become complacent with the current status of the housing economy. That is purely a crime to humanity. The truth is that it is affecting everyone’s lives and it is time for a new concept, that there is a “Canned Food Drive” or a “Recycling Program” for the Foreclosure Crisis. It is about time that the U.S. government and its citizens begin to treat the issue in several ways where the government and citizens can all partake to solve this crisis. With patience and understanding of who are suffering from this issue and what the outcome could be if not solved would be step one. This crisis truly affects everybody which can lead to even bigger problems such as poverty in the U.S. Step two would be to further inform everyone on how one can contribute through advertisements via television, e-mails, web, and mail. People must understand that it takes everyone to be involved in order for a successful turnaround in the economy – from individuals, the government, the community, and profit to non-profit organizations. Finally, taking these steps into action would be step three by service in the community, getting small businesses to large corporations to become involved, and banks providing lease-option programs to mortgages.

The HUD-approved non-profit organizations such as HomeFree USA,, which provide free counseling is one example of providing support in the community. However, there are rarely any organizations that are mai...

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...does mean changing a few Real Estate laws for each state, but it will be beneficial for everyone involved.

As mentioned, it takes more than one step and more than one person or organization to solve the Foreclosure Crisis. The U.S. government and its citizens must inform and educate everyone. The “Canned Food Drive” or a “Recycling Program” concept towards this issue by creating programs for struggling communities as well as successful corporations can only positively affect the state of the economy. More acts of kindness can truly help everyone down the road through charities and volunteer work. In addition, if banks can work on new payment plans for current homeowners or foreclosed homes, fewer individuals would be stressed on paying their mortgages. With these actions, it will not only bring the country together, but can also decrease the country’s debt.

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