How to Smoke a Hookah Essay

How to Smoke a Hookah Essay

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Before you purchase any of the items you need to smoke hookah, you may want know what hookah is. Hookah is the term used when all elements used to smoke are combined. What exactly are you smoking? The flavored tobacco put into your hookah is referred to as shisha. “Shisha is the very moist and sticky tobacco that has been soaked in honey or molasses.” (Kamal, 2014) It’s a lot different from smoking cigarettes due to the fact that it is wet and it’s not lit, but heated with a coal. You don’t want to smoke too much because of the side effects. “A study carried out by the University of California, has found that whilst smoking shisha you are exposed to different chemicals that are harmful.” (Reilly, 2013) If you are okay with these warnings, let’s get started.
First you will need to acquire seven items. You will need Shisha flavored tobacco, a shisha pipe, water, coals, foil, needle/pin, and a lighter. You can find all of these items at your local smoke shop besides the water. Since I live in Berks county mu smoke shop of choice is Smokey’s Tobacco shop located at the Berkshire mall in Wyomissing, Pa. For the water you can use bottled water or tap water. Pipes vary in color and size. Prices usually range from thirty dollars to a thousand dollars. It’s up to the customer to spend the money on the one that suits them. After you purchase a pipe you will need to purchase shisha. Shisha flavors vary from apple and Schnozberries, to Swag berry and Winter Fresh. You can mix flavors if you would like or use a single flavor. When purchasing coals, you may choose from several kinds of coals. The kind of coals you get depend on the kind of pipe you purchase. The foil you need can be simple aluminum foil you keep in your kitchen or yo...

... middle of paper ... up a coal from the pack set it on the foil and light it with a lighter. If the coal is a quick light, you only need to put the flame on the coal for about five seconds. If it is not a quick light, you must light the coal until the coal has a glowing red look to it. If you are using a quick light coal be sure to wait until the coal has stopped “sizzling” before you inhale and smoke. If not the only thing you will taste is the coal. Once the “sizzling” has ended you can take the hose and inhale the smoke. If you have set it up correctly you will hear the water in the base make a bubbling sound. If you do not hear the bubbling sound you could have packed the shisha too tight. This will cause you to lose flavor in your tobacco and you will not have thick enough smoke. Also, too much or too little of liquid in the base may cause the bubbling sound to not occur.

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