How to Select Bathroom Shower Faucets

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When remodeling or building a new bathroom, you need to give some consideration to the type of bathroom shower faucet that you are going to use. There are a wide variety of bathroom shower faucets available to the homeowner and many times it is the small details that makes the difference between an average and stunning bathroom. Therefore, you will want to choose a shower faucet that has the right style and finish to complement your bathroom's décor. On your quest to find the perfect faucet, you will discover that there is a wide array of finishes on the bathroom shower faucets available to the home re-modeler. A standard finish that has been around since the 1930s is the chrome plated finish. This finish is applied over the brass components of the faucet and gives the faucet a durable but beautiful look. While the chrome plated finish remains the mainstay of the industry, there are other finishes available on shower faucets. Another popular finish is the brushed metal finish. This finish looks stunning on a white sink and with counter tops that are made from granite or slate. Although a brushed metal or a chrome plated finish looks good in most applications, the important thing to remember is to select a finish to your faucet that matches well with your home's décor. Besides choosing a faucet with a finish that matches your home's décor, you need to choose bathroom shower faucets from a well known and reputable company. There are a number of different companies that produce shower faucets that seem to do the job. The best shower faucets though are produced by companies with a known history of design and innovation in the business. Some of the best companies to purchase a faucet from are Moen, American Standard, and Kohler. If you select one of these brands of bathroom shower faucets, you can be guaranteed to have a top-notch faucet. A top quality shower faucet available from Moen is the T3112 Single Handle Moentrol Shower from the Kingsley Collection. This faucet is designed with a brushed metal finish to fit well with any traditional décor in a bathroom. With its lever handle, this faucet will be one of the simplest to use. Also because the faucet provides great water pressure, it will be an enjoyable shower experience every time you use it. Overall, this is one of the best bathroom shower faucets on the market.

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