How to Resolve Workplace Conflicts Essay

How to Resolve Workplace Conflicts Essay

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Executive Summary
Conflict is known to be some means of disagreement or clash of opinion among persons and to put this conflict to an end conflict resolution methods and techniques are used. This report focuses on the inter-personal level conflicts that takes places in the organisation their causes, role of predicting the conflicting behaviours and assessing of precedent situation of conflicts. This report also discusses the strategies and methods used or involved to put inter-personal conflicts and what role does the project manager play in conflict resolution.

Conflict is known to be some means of disagreement, or some kind of disharmony rising within a group or between persons when the beliefs or actions of any one party is offensive to another party. “Conflict can take place between two individuals, in small groups and work teams, or between two or more groups” (Al-Hamdan, Shukri, and Anthony 2011)which may include violence or some kind of mental pressure on either parties involved in conflicts. Usually conflicts start with some kind of disagreement and gradually gets intense and leads way to conflict resolution.

In simple terms conflict resolution means solution to end a conflict by means of sorting the disagreements and disbeliefs between the indulging parties. In recent times conflict resolution has become a part of corporate world where conflict resolution is considered as methods and process which are involved in aiding the peaceful ending of conflict with in organisations. These conflicts revolves between the group members and often dedicated member of the group try to solve the conflicts by keenly communicating information about the reasons or ideologies behind the confli...

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