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“Console Wars” is a ten-minuet, student made, factual, radio show about gaming. The original idea was to create a show that both entertaining for gaming fans but would still be accessible for people who do not consider themselves gaming fanatics and also factual, so that people would finish listening to the show feeling like they had learning something. The radio show we wanted to make was to be something that would go into a decent amount of detail about gaming without being too confusing to people who do not have an extensive knowledge of the gaming world. The reason we picked the topic of gaming was because, out of our group of five, three group members felt they had a decent knowledge about gaming and we felt it would be an interesting topic that we could get a lot out of. Furthermore one member of our group is a member of the gaming society that we felt we give us access to lots of gamers.

One issue we had to address right away was the problem of gaming being a wide topic and just doing our show about gaming was too vague. We felt we needed to look at more specific aspects of gaming. Five subjects were chosen and research was done on all of them to see which would make the most stimulating radio show. The topics we considered were; violence is gaming, mobile gaming vs. console gaming, console wars, local multiplayer vs. online multiplayer and the role of women in video games. All of these topics we researched and we came to the conclusion that console-wars would be the best topic because it had a number of different areas in it which we could disuse. Though we did get to explore some of our other topics through Vox Pops. We felt it was thought provoking and exciting and would make for a really fascinating radio show.


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...l in telling the story of the band in a interesting and relatable way. I think we got some really beautiful cover shots and used a good amount of them. Despite the fact we only got one interview, the interview that we did get worked really well with a good amount of questions. The documentary was a good length and did not spend too long on one aspect and allow the viewer to get bored. Next time I would try and get more interviews and make sure the story was told in more depth.


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