Essay about How to Maximize Your Earnings on Google Adsense

Essay about How to Maximize Your Earnings on Google Adsense

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Well, no doubt Google Adsense is the best CPC network on the web at present time to earn money online by placing their ads on your blog or website. Its also the main source of most of the bloggers to monetize their blog with and get some good income but the problem is that when the newbies get entered in the world of blogging they usually don't know much about Google Adsense and so they don't know much how to use these ads effectively to maximize their earnings and sometimes it becomes a lot mess for them. If you are also one of the beginners and are going through the same case described above don't worry because in this article I will reveal some best places to show up ads and maximize your earnings.

1. Header [468x60 / 728x90]

The first place to show up your ads is the header of your blog and its also known as the golden ads place because the ads displayed on the header of your blog mostly contribute 50% in the total income of your blog. The main reason because of which header ads generate almost half of your total revenue is that whenever someone visits your blog, he/she always ...

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