Essay on How to Mantain Good Teachers

Essay on How to Mantain Good Teachers

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Teachers are the most important people to lead students to the academic success. Students spend their time at school more than other places. Good teachers can provide not only knowledge but also life lessons to their students. Also, good teachers can inspire, motivate and build good attitude of learning toward students by creating interesting materials and leading students into the right directions to be successful in lives. In my high school, there were many subjects that I hated because of having bad teachers while some subjects I really like because I enjoyed the materials and environment in classes creating by teachers. Some of my friends in high school even considered their teachers as role models. Therefore, having good teachers in children’s lives is essential. However, there are many issues of maintaining good teachers in schools and difficultly getting rid of the bad ones. The issues are listed in the following sections.

The first issue is the teacher tenure. Giving teacher a permanent job that will last for life creates several disadvantages. Even thoug...

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