How to Make a Kinesthetic Learner Successful Essay

How to Make a Kinesthetic Learner Successful Essay

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Lifestyle nowadays becomes more creative than before. The result of that is producing generations with different types of intelligence. However, these generations do not get the suitable ways to be taught in school. The way of teaching in school is suitable for one or two types of intelligence only, the reader and the writer who are considered as linguistic intelligence. The people who have the linguistic intelligence benefit the most from school. There is one type of people who have specific type pf intelligence that make them learn by action, doing things or making them touch and see. They have what is called “Kinesthetic intelligence”. In Wu-tsu Fa-yen’s story “The Art of Burglary”, a father who is a burglar, was trying to teach his son how to become a burglar. The father took his son to steal a house, but once they got in he locked his son in a chest in the house and run away. The father wanted his son to face the problem on his own to be professional burglar. The people who have kinesthetic intelligence need some requirements such as good teachers and suitable environment to be qualified for facing the life struggles on their own to make them professional fast learners.
The important role of dealing with this type of intelligence goes to the teachers. The person who is teaching this type of intelligence should understand the way that these people learn by. This person could be a father, mother, teacher or any older person who can make this type of people have a better understanding of life. The teaching starts from the person’s family. The parents could notice this type of intelligence easily by some special actions from the child. The child has a high energy level that can make him move more than usual. Being impatient, tou...

... middle of paper ... engineering or sculpting. Unlike the father in the story “The Art of Burglary”, the teachers should always direct their learners in the right path to be good members in their society.
All in all, this type of learners would be more productive and helpful for their society if they got the care and the attention. They will find creative ways to develop their lifestyle and make it easier and be successful and active members in the society. The learner’s parents and teachers take the most powerful role at taking care of them. Providing the right environment for these learners will make the kinesthetic learner react with the problem and use his hands to learn. These requirements will develop these learner intelligence and make them productive members for the society.

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