How to Improve as an Individual and Team Using the Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

How to Improve as an Individual and Team Using the Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

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Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats describes a process to help create meetings, brainstorm sessions and numerous other collaboration tools aiming to make them more organised and productive. At its core it is used to help participants look at and better organise the way in which they think and look at problems.
While most collaboration techniques will bring up arguments and ideas at any given time, the six thinking hats approach allows the participants to have a specific type of thinking hat to direct and influence them into that way of thinking. This ideology aims to momentarily block any other sort of reasoning and thinking deviating from the assigned hat’s core values; allowing the participants to thoroughly assess and participate in each style of thinking.
The white hat focuses on information and figures, the red hat is based upon feelings and emotions, the black hat is for being careful and emphasises caution, the yellow hat focuses on optimism, the green hat is the more creative style of thinking and the blue hat looks at control and organisation.
Reading through the ideas an...

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