How to Fix a Broken Heart Essay

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Throughout history, men (and women) have been in search of a cure for this ailment. Who hadn't had been struck down by that hot babe you passed by everyday but one day found enough courage to come up and talk to her? Or been played by that stud with a sexy accent and an even sexier name? Who hadn't felt that invisible knife through your heart as the one you once called your sunlight, your love, your one and only happiness walked away from you forever? When total despair and desolation hit you, what do you do then? Some said time will heal itself; some said it's better to be love and lost then to not love at all; some even said it's okay to feel pain because that's how you know you're alive. Well, “some” does not know what he or she is talking about. That “pain”, that feeling that you can't go on anymore, or that quiet desolation that has been eating at your heart day by day does not go away on its own. You have to work for it. Here, I will show you a sure-fire way to get rid of that lingering “Broken Heart”.

Step 1 – The Wallowing period
Bring out the tissue! Better yet, bring o...

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