How to Create Successful Research Essay

How to Create Successful Research Essay

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Introduction 2
How can one measure variables 2
Indicate the difference between reliability and validity in research 3
Discuss various data collection methods 4
Indicate the role of statistics in research 4
Discuss the difference between qualitative and quantitative data analysis 4
Conclusion 4
Bibliography 5


In this document there will be a presentation of the basic terms of helping a researcher to create successful research papers .as it is always said every successful thing that being accomplished there has to be some sort of procedures to follow thru, and understanding terms that a researcher will need to understand before they can go thru with the research paper.
The following will give a researcher a clear understanding of terms that are being used to research and how to apply them, and a brief description of which methods a researcher can choose from.

How can one measure variables

During the research it is being explained by the that a variable is a characteristic that can be measured in various ways, it is able to change in either from a certain group to another group or even within one person overtime, and it is also said by Bill(2006) that measurement it is a definite core of doing any kind of a research, and it is when numbers are being assigned to certain tings or objects. Jaspara (2012) notes that when working on research it is definitely proven that certainly everything will be reduced down to digits due to measurements.

As being said by Thomas & Mildred (2007) there is certainly many ways of measuring variables depending on a specific research. Poriek (2003) briefly explained that variables can be measured directly by a person’s height ...

... middle of paper ...

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