Essay on How to Create and Android Device to Control Small Appliances

Essay on How to Create and Android Device to Control Small Appliances

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1.1- Overview:
The goal of our project is to build a system consisting of an android device, which, when connected to the network via Wi-Fi, will be capable of controlling states of light bulbs, fans and Air conditioners. All of these appliances will be assigned unique IP addresses and the user will be able to switch them On/Off through a control packet sent over the IP network. An android application will be developed in order to provide the user an easy platform, where, by simply touching the icon, the user will be able to switch the appliances in accordance with the user’s requirements. At the other end, controller hardware will be interfaced with the appliances, which, after receiving a control packet, will perform the desired operations. This will allow the user to roam freely and access the devices from anywhere in the house as long as the user is connected to the network.

1.2- Motivation:
Technological advancements have forced the world to shift everything on the IP network, such as, IPTVs and VoIP. People nowadays prefer to use Skype, Viber and Whatsapp instead of using traditional means. This revolution in the technology provided us with the motivation to design a low cost hardware/software framework, which, in the future, will allow the preexisting home/industrial automation systems to be accessed over an IP network.
With Internet Protocol as the backbone of an enterprise wide network, everything that requires a standalone network today simply becomes subsumed into the IP master. This is interoperability at the very highest level. In the building management sector of this new environment, controllers are designed for the IP network. More importantly, they are also designed to thrive on the IP network.

... middle of paper ... here, so we prefer not to use mechanical relay for such application. Electronic relays have many advantages, such as they are faster than electromechanical relays, increased lifetime, particularly if activated many times, as there are no moving parts to wear and no contacts to pit or build up carbon, no sparking, allowing use in explosive environments where it is critical that no spark is generated during switching, Totally silent operation and they are inherently smaller than a mechanical relay of similar specification.
For testing the speed control circuit along with the zero crossing detector, we integrated both the circuits and provided them with the common main supply. The diagram is shown below.

The output of the zero crossing detector is fed in to the speed controller circuit. When the zero crossing is detected, triac is triggered and bulb is turned on

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