How to Create a Good Brand Essay

How to Create a Good Brand Essay

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Branding your startup on a shoestring budget
There are large companies that spend a fortune on creating a brand, then there are small companies that have come up with really simple concepts, but have stuck in our minds all the same. A really strong brand can help define your business and allow your customers to identify with you, and make you stand apart from your competitors in the process. Take for instance coca cola, I’m pretty sure everyone of us knows that aerated drinks are bad for us, yet a whopping majority of us continue to drink it. They buy out other companies replace them and experiment with different kinds of advertising till they strike the right chord with the audience. Quite tenacious I think. But it works like a charm!
You don’t have to have the budget that Coca cola has, but if you’re ingenious enough, you can come up with an amazing campaign without busting a hole in your pocket.
If you’ve just started your own business and have little or no clue how to start the branding process, read on for a few tips.
• Understand your audience
The basic thing to start off with ...

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