Essay How to Cope with Conflicts in A Romantic Relationship

Essay How to Cope with Conflicts in A Romantic Relationship

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Campbell, Simpson, Boldry, & Kashy (2005) said romantic relationships has the similarity to riding roller coasters because of its amazing highs and lows. In certain relationships, these types of roller coaster events occur on a daily basis with their romantic spouse. Latest research states “Perceptions of daily relationship events strongly color how individuals construe their romantic partners’ underlying motives and intentions and that these construals can have consequences for the future of their relationships” (Campbell, Simpson, Boldry, & Kashy, 2005, pg. 510). Conflict has been defined as an element of any relationship, especially romantic relationships to which are no oddity. Differences in the relationships, for example, actions, opinions, or goals are regularly subdued. Consequently, conflicts will occur in the relationship and frequently conceals unfairness, on top of the issue (Cahn, 1994).

In the last decade, there has been substantial evidence with the associations with conflict. Studies show there is a correlation between relational satisfaction, health, and the wellbeing of the two people in a relationship. In the 1970s, research was completed on the aftermath of relationships and the relation between relational circumstances and physical health. All research includes themes in positive relationships, for instance, affection, kindness, self-worth, advice, coping strategies, nurturing opportunities, illnesses, and more (Reis, Collins, & Berscheid, 2000). Further research states a connection between relationship satisfaction, existing consensus, and negative conflict, in relation to whether the consensus was growing or declining. This study was split into two groups, as negative conflict in the increased consensus gr...

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