Essay on How to Connect: The Art of Writing

Essay on How to Connect: The Art of Writing

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Difficulty and the inability to remember an instance where I was required to write a paper looms over me as a wave building tremendous strength ever threatening to crush me. It is an ever present fear of despair, comparable to a man awaiting his execution. Even so I am at a loss in my mind, unable to gather the words, thoughts or feelings and imprint them on paper. The white noise in my mind leaves me destitute and alone not unlike the ship-wrecked Robinson Crusoe on a remote island.
The ability to connect with the reader is a very difficult task and one that many of us find daunting. Most writers can create something of substance, but it may only make sense to us (the writer). It is our job as writers to not only create for ourselves but also to connect and relate to the reader. Much in the same way as a painter creates a masterpiece for his art to be displayed, we should write accordingly. The creative writing tools to reach the audience are:
A. Metaphors & Similes
B. Personification and Detail
C. Life Experiences
The use of metaphors and similes are very effective in connecting to the reader and to audiences as a whole. This is due to the simple fact that much like a painting with brilliant colors and contrasting shades, the elegant entreats us. When we write in a more colorful and distinctive manner we are able to reach people in a way that they may not be used to, thus provoking thought. Many authors and writers use such techniques to relate and to connect. William Stafford describes in his article, A Way of Writing, the process, “It is like fishing.” Donald M. Murray uses a simile as the title of his article, The Makers Eye. In the same fashion we must direct our writing in a manner that is reflective of our thoughts and fe...

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... nail from wood, ever so slowly but constantly pressuring them to come out. It is a scary thought do to the fact that I find it difficult to share intimate things about my life so do others. However it is through the use of personal experiences creative and expressive colorful writing that we can best reach those that are reading our work. Just as a candidate on the campaign trail asks engaging questions that trigger emotion so should we. When we write we must trigger emotion because an emotional reader is an active reader and I believe an active reader is one that has been reached. Once we can master these skills the rest is as simple as basic addition and subtraction. A new writer must trigger emotion and though in order to be effective. Write as to be the thousand words that paintings are described as. Write to rival a painting, paint that image for all to read.

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