How to Cleanse and Repair Your Sluggish Computer

How to Cleanse and Repair Your Sluggish Computer

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More and more developers are creating programs that are supposed to fix everyday problems. What the common person doesn’t know is that even though it might seem that your computer is fixed, most likely your computer is in even worse condition than before. For some reason college students, right out of developing class, like to attach Ad-ware and Spy-ware to the programs they create. Have no fear, I will walk you through the cleansing and repair of your sluggish computer.
Over long periods of using your computer, applications and files will add up slowing down the time it takes to search your computer for the files you want; this process is called Indexing. Most of the accumulated data is old and useless to your computer experience. In order to begin the first process, you will need to click on the Start button on the task bar. Near the top of the list is the folder Accessories; inside is a second folder called System Tools. System Tools is a great first place to look when trying to do computer maintenance. Disk Cleanup is the function we will be using to get rid of your excess data. Once clicked, the Disk Cleanup brings up a dialog box with many of the common locations that this unneeded data is located. All of the boxes in the dialog box can be checked without fear of messing up your computer.
The next step to get your computer running faster is to remove the programs you don’t use or haven’t used in a long time. I suggest downloading RevoUninstaller from The uninstaller that is included with Windows leaves lots of useless data behind after the uninstall. Revo removes everything associated with the chosen program; also you can choose to remove everything that was created with that program. Clearing unused programs is going to speed up your computer, but nowhere near how fast it’s going to be after this next step.
The main reason computers become slow and unreliable is because of Viruses and Tracking Cookies that are accumulated by visiting everyday web pages. What many people don’t understand is that you don’t have to download something to become infected; just visiting the site is enough to crash the entire system. AVG Antivirus is a trusted antivirus program that will not only search and destroy most of the Trojans and viruses that are in circulation today, but get rid of tracking cookies and spyware as well.

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Once installed, this program works in the background, searching through data as it is transferred to your computer, stopping infections before they happen.
After deleting lots of information, gaps are left in your hard drive where the information has been removed. If your disk has to search through the data and the gaps, indexing will take twice as long. The process of removing the gaps to create a constant line of data is called Defragmenting. Unfortunately, the most effective programs for this task cost quite a bit. Adequate alternatives can be found readily over the Internet. I recommend PerfectDisk for a quick fix. This process will take the longest out of all the previous steps. Once Defragmentation is complete, your computer should run at least 60% faster than before.
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