Essay on How to Become a Professional Racing Driver

Essay on How to Become a Professional Racing Driver

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I. Attention Getter: Ryan Newman, one of the most successful racing driver on the NASCAR grid, walked through these very corridors, sat in these very benches and considering COM 114 is an engineering degree requirement, took this very class 13 years ago before graduating as a vehicular structural engineer.
II. Relating to the Audience: I believe that cars have fascinated most (if not all) of you at some point of time in your life, be it their loud growly engines, sleek looks or the sheer excitement that comes along a racing weekend. Motorsports is fast becoming a profession that many college graduates seek.
III. Thesis statement:

IV. Credibility Statement: As someone who has been Go-Karting for the past 7 years and as someone who closely followed Formula 1 and NASCAR, I believe I am credible enough to speak about how to become a professional racing driver.
V. Preview: Today, I am going to discuss with you the requirements and the
procedure required to become a professional racing driver.
VI. Background Information: Racing as defined by the Formula 1 governing body is “The ultimate test of man and machine - pushing car and driver to their absolute limits in pursuit of one simple goal. Speed. “


(Transition: Now that we know what professional racing is, let us explore the requirements of becoming a racing driver.)

I. There are several requirements that racing drivers need to fulfill as stated in the British Journal of Sports Medicine authored by H Baur and S. Muller.

A. To be sharp for over 2 hours of intense racing involves unimaginable levels of mental skill which can be broadly classified into four dimensions.
1. The first dimension is driver input.
a. Driver input involves informa...

... middle of paper ...

...r as he himself must have some prior racing experience and thus know people from the racing fraternity.
3. Many big sponsors often visit racing school in search of talent, so
make sure you are at the top of your performance every time you go for classes.
D. Finally start low on the ladder and work your way up.
1. Don’t be picky about the category of racing you start your career off with.
a. No racing driver in history started at the top.
b. Prove your talent with consistent performance and
you will end up driving a NASCAR or Formula 1 car in no time.

2. Last but not the least, keep reminding yourself of the struggle and time you put into reaching where you are to help keep you motivated.
(In conclusion…)


I. Summary:
II. Clincher: As rightly said by someone - Anyone can drive a fast car; few can drive a car fast.

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