Essay on How To Be One Out-Standing Computer Engineer

Essay on How To Be One Out-Standing Computer Engineer

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  In this day and age, during the development of science, A huge number of technical talents are required, especially some electrical out-standing engineers. These groups of people walk in front of the science and know cutting edge technology. Actually, the requirements of high-quality technical engineers from society were increasing from 1976. The research from NSF(National Science Foundation), STPCS(Science Technical Personnel Characteristics System) and other government agencies and private organizations. The rate of employment of Scientists and Engineers such as computer science had about 20% growth which was very high.(The National Science Foundation). In order to be suit with this trend, the essential skills like good mind of creating program in computer, cooperate with others and the ability of facing challenge anytime would be required. To get these skills will help one computer engineering students get the degree easily and also support huge help in their future career road.
  In Michigan State University if one student want to get the bachelor degree of Computer Engineering major. They need to complete at least 128 credits totally. Actually, Computer Engineering is one major which makes connections between Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.So, the students would meet some computer science class such as CSE 231 or 232.Besides that, the main part of major is electrical and computer engineering class(ECE).In ECE class, the students are required to work with some hardwares in computer.They also need to familiar with the organization of computer system and network.For example, in ECE 201 class, the students need to understand the Network theorems and some introductions to computer-aided design(MSU Degree navigator)....

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...ctively programme. At the same time, they could finish more tasks than other guys and find more new things to challenge themselves.So, they could be more excellent and out-standing.

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