How to Bake Cupcakes Essay

How to Bake Cupcakes Essay

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The kids came home excited to their mom baking something. They could not tell what she was making. “It has such a great smell”, they told their mom. When she finally took it out of the oven, they saw what it was, they excitedly yelled, “Cupcakes!” Cupcakes are fun to make, easy to prepare, and delicious to eat. Cupcakes require few ingredients, follow your recipe to know what you will need. Some basic ingredients like flour, sugar, butter and eggs. To make cupcakes you need prepare a space, mix the ingredients, make the frosting, and putting it all together.
To start making the cupcake you need to prepare the space. First, you should clear off the counters in part of your kitchen. A large space is needed, so be sure to clear off a large portion of your counters for the ingredients and all the steps. Next, you need to get out all of the ingredients. Because every recipe is different, follow what your recipe tells you to get. Next, you will need two large bowls. Be sure one of them fits into an electric mixer, or if you use a handheld electric mixer, a large bowl will do just fine. A...

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