How to Audit Active Directory Objects using LepideAuditor for Active Directory

How to Audit Active Directory Objects using LepideAuditor for Active Directory

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The importance of auditing the Active Directory can be proved with a single fact that doing this will help to maintain the security and integrity of the IT infrastructure in an organization. However, auditing using the traditional Windows native tools is a time consuming and difficult process. It becomes more cumbersome when the auditor has to deal with the difficult-to-understand event details. Moreover, each domain has to be monitored separately and it increases the consumption of time and resources. Indeed, there should be a solution to centralize the auditing on all domains and that too in a user-friendly manner. With these features and much more, LepideAuditor for Active Directory (LAAD) comes up as a preferred solution to audit the AD. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can audit the Active Directory objects using this tool.
Important Features
You can install the software on any domain or even in a Workgroup computer and you’re free to add the multiple domains (whether same or different) available in your network.
In addition to auditing, this Lepide product also creates the snapshots of the states of the objects periodically, which can be used to reinstate the previous working states of the AD objects.
Adding a Domain
The first step is to add a domain in LepideAuditor for Active Directory. For adding a domain, go the “Settings” tab and click “Domain Management” button in the Left Hand Section. Click on the “Add” button for adding a domain, of which auditing you’ve to conduct. This will display the following dialog box

Figure: Add Domain dialog box
Provide the necessary inputs like Domain Name/IP Address of the domain, Username, and Password. You can also click on the “Discover Domain” button to list all the domains...

... middle of paper ...

Creating an alert
Right click on any report in the Left Hand Panel and select “Set Alert” option. You’ve to follow the onscreen instructions of the wizard to create an alert. You can use “Alerts” tab to manage the created alerts and to view their delivery status reports. As soon as the software identifies the predefined condition in any of the created alerts, a short email summarizing the event will be sent to the defined recipients immediately. This will help the administrators to encounter the erroneous and critical situations without wasting much time.
LepideAuditor for Active Directory is, in fact, a great tool to audit the Active Directory objects in a much friendly way than the native tools. Following the above steps will help an auditor to effectively audit an AD environment and help the administrators to keep an eye on their infrastructure.

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