How The Youth And Become A Part Of The Gang Lifestyle Essay

How The Youth And Become A Part Of The Gang Lifestyle Essay

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What causes the youth to want to become a part of the gang lifestyle? As youth become more adapt to social groups and cliques in society. It can be a truly tough experience to belong in a group with your peers. Youth in America join and become entangled in the gang life, due to lack of a solid social institutions, having access to power, feeling of safety and finally receiving respect from their community.
Gangs are popular in today’s society, such as youth related crime has been growing, but an extent and coheres reason for the crimes committed by gang members is slowly beginning to become excessive. Gangs consists of more than two people from the ages of ten to twenty two. During this age life lessons are sustainable and important life lessons are established. Gangs will usually pick out the “rejects or anti-social” youth in their schools or family members involved into the gang. Other gangs may merely force people by “jumping” the individual. Jumping is a term used for using multiple gang members to forcibly attack a person not expecting them to fight. Acts like this is how gangs initiate a new member into a gang. Other ways gangs initiate is by having the new member commit a crime such as stealing, fighting another gang member and vandalism. The lifestyle of gangs seems to attract youth though media sources as well. Music, Movies and fashion all play a part in pushing the popular effect of gang culture. Shows like American gangster and Menace to Society provide visual effects of what it’s like to be feared and powerful. As for fashion tattoos and specific colors of clothing, which can help other gang members identify with each other. Factors like these can push youth into believing being a gang can be beneficial to their l...

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...f gang culture. The sibling may feel a lack of trust from continued unresolved conflict due to their gang activity. Therefore the sibling may react rudely or uncaring to his friends and family to point where relationships may be established for years. However if this situation could be avoided by the use of having a trusting relationship with a parent, guardian. Failed relationships can push a child into emotions of isolation from family and society. As well as a stressful home, which in turn can lead to lack of communication between family members. Sadly those that are involved in gang violence tend to have a premature death. The family involved may feel as though they didn’t help enough or believe they could have prevented the death. These emotions are grief and disassociation can trigger a sense of confusion and depression as a reaction towards the youth’s death.

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