How The Writing Process Is Used For All Types Of Writing Essay examples

How The Writing Process Is Used For All Types Of Writing Essay examples

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The writing process is a long and detailed process, there are five stages of writing and each stage is Made up of it’s own components. All of these components and stages work together and when done right they all come together to form a well written piece, weather it is an essay or a research paper the writing process is used for all types of writing.

During the last eight weeks of this class i have learned about how the writing process works and how to use it to improve my writing. This process has also shown me that being critiqued by a peer,teacher, or family member is very beneficial in improving your writing because most of the things that we miss from being to familiar with our own writing others catch because they have not seen or read your work.

In my experience with the entire writing process, I have found that for me the first stage Prewriting is the hardest for me because i feel like i need to always start with a perfect thesis statement but that is what is so great about a working thesis it has room to be refined. Once i get past this stage and start drafting the writing process becomes easier going through the rest of the remaining four stages. I am more confident with the writing process now than i was at the beginning of the class.

The five steps of writing are prewriting, drafting, rewriting, proofreading, and publishing.
Prewriting is the very first step of writing where you begin generating ideas. Once you have an idea or topic in mind you’ll create a working thesis, and develop a plan to gather your evidence. (MindEdge,Module One English Composition One) As a means for improving student writing the prewriting stage is very important. A working thesis is a statement that tells what your topic is, why it ...

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...mechanical, punctual, spelling, and usage error it is also good to have a second pair of eyes for this stage from a peer, co-worker, or family member so that if there are any errors they can catch them. This helps students because getting critique from someone else is very beneficial because you can miss small errors from focusing on your writing for so long.

The fifth and final stage in the writing process is publishing in this stage you have corrected most if not all of your grammatical,mechanical, punctual, and organizational errors and you are ready for it to be read you can publish your work in a class by completing and turning in a written piece for an assignment, books are published for the world to read as well as magazines this stage is beneficial as well because you will be satisfied with your writing enough to let it be read and critiqued by the public.

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