How the Wrigley Company Became One of the Most Recognized Companies in the World

How the Wrigley Company Became One of the Most Recognized Companies in the World

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The Wrigley Company

The Wrigley Company
In this paper I will discuss the Wrigley Company and how it became one of the most recognized and largest branded companies in the world. When you think of Wrigley people tend to think of the gum products it is now for, as well as the commercials we all have grown to love over the years. Remember the double mint twins, what about, Juicy fruit, even big red- all are a part of the every expanding brand of Wrigley. One of the many achievements the company can tip its hat too is being able to say that it lead all gross product sales in the year of 2007. This is a major accomplishment considering that the US is one of the largest consumers on the planet- so the competition is fierce. But overall its leadership and management have given the come the wherewithal to withstand to new challenges the company has faced over the decades.
William Wrigley is the founder of the Wrigley Company which is currently traded on the S&P 500. It is also considered one of the great American success stories about a man, a dream, with the ambition and perseverance to see a dream turn into reality. William born entrepreneur with a keen sense for identifying opportunities and maximizing where others only saw risk. Some of Wrigley’s competitors at the time were the Hershey Company, Cadbury Schweppes, and Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. William Wrigley Jr. directed all of his energies toward producing his own line of chewing gums. In the beginning he himself created “two of the company’s earliest products - Sweet Sixteen Orange and Lotta Gum —revolutionized chewing gum’s appeal, spreading interest to the youth market and then to the public at large” (Wrigley, 2014)

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...,785 27,263.50
Earnings before income tax 932,163 1,025,379.30
Income Tax (32.2%) 300,158 330,173.80
Net Earnings $ 632,005 $ 695,205.50

Dividends Paid $ 309,838 $ 340,821.80
Addition to Retained Earnings 322,167 354,383.70

Tax Rate (Income Tax/EBIT) 32.20%
Dividend Payout Ratio (Cash Dividend/Net Income) 49.02%
Sales growth rate 10%
Dividend Payout Ratio remains constant
Costs are a constant percentage of sales

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