How the World Expresses Teen Pregnancy Essay

How the World Expresses Teen Pregnancy Essay

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How the World Expresses Teen Pregnancy
Teen pregnancy has been a debated issue throughout America and the world for years now. Many famous people have had their say on what they think about teen pregnancy along with the media. What the media says about teen pregnancy may change a lot of people’s views on this subject just because everyone believes that what the media says is true. Now in today’s day, there is reality television shows on teen pregnancy that to some people encourages young adults to go through teen pregnancy. How the world views teen pregnancy, is not how people should look at it. It should be viewed from God’s perspective and that’s what the older and younger generation of today’s day do not believe is true.
Public Schools, and Private Schools also have different views on teen pregnancy. Public Schools address this issue as almost a joke and act like something like this cannot affect a person whole entire life. As for Private Schools, this issue is not brought up as often as in Public Schools, but if or when it is brought up Private Schools address it in a safer and more cautious way. Many young teens have said that it has been almost encouraged in public schools by friends and even teachers.
This issue is not taken seriously, until it actually occurs. When a teen goes through pregnancy at a young age, there whole life is in jeopardy. It is likely that they will have to drop out of high school, and there is a very low parentage that the relationship with which the child’s father is, will not be likely to last.
Family, friends, and God are also in issue when someone goes through a crisis like this. Family is questioned, because they cannot trust you anymore, friends are lost because they will abandoned now though...

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...t to be a good kid. Others just give up right after they find out they are pregnant because they do not want to deal with the stress and fighting most teen pregnancies have involved with. Many Christians were surveyed on this topic and what most of them chose was to put the baby in a foster home, so you can finish of school and get done what needs to be done then go on with your child and career from there.
Teen pregnancy is a debatable issue that affects many lonely and mentally ill young teens today. Becoming a pregnant change can change your life forever so dramatically because of the effort and determination that goes in with raising a child to become perfect. Today in our world, many people debate teen pregnancy differently in there own views, as Christians we should view the issue of teen pregnancy on how God talks about it and how the Bible talks about it.

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