Essay on How The Witches ' Prophecies Affect Macbeth

Essay on How The Witches ' Prophecies Affect Macbeth

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Ashley Fikes

Mrs. Dean

English 12

6 January 2016

How the witches’ prophecies affect Macbeth

The witches are a very important part to this play. The witches are the real trigger to Macbeths deep and hidden desires. The presence of the witches raises the battle between good an evil. The three witches are also known as the three weird sisters and are referred to that throughout the play. They help set the theme of the play and they influence not only Macbeth’s life but some other characters throughout the play.
They challenge Macbeth’s character over the course of the play by giving him three simple prophecies about his life. The witches cause the play’s theme to start as very dark and gloomy because of their prophecies to Macbeth. If the prophecies had not been told to Macbeth it might have changed the entire course of the play. The witches played an important role in changing Macbeth from a brave hero to a murderer because of the prophecies they told him. Although most people may think that Macbeth was the only one to receive prophecies from the witches Banquo was with Macbeth when he went to see the witches and heard his own prophecy. Banquo was very jealous when he heard the witches tell Macbeth the prophecies of his future so he asked, “what about me”. Then the witches told Banquo that his sons would become kings. Witches tell Banquo: “your sons will be kings, even though you will not be king. So all hail, Macbeth and Banquo!” (Shakespeare 312). This sets up the whole play and explains why the witches are so important.
The witches are the most dangerous characters because they are greatly powerful and very wicked. The witches influence Macbeth in his achievements and awake his ambitions. They give him a wrong sense of...

... middle of paper ... happen by doing evil things but Banquo knows Macbeth is to naive to know that.
Most audiences see Macbeths association with Macbeth as an association with the devil. At the time of Shakespeare witches were seen very differently than they are today, they were hell on earth, almost like a demon. This caused curiosity in the play because people were not use to witches and wanted to be able to understand the witches supernatural part of the play. They also add a question to if the supernatural is real or not. This caused the play to be more exciting and helped earned a lot of success for the play. Without the witches the play would not and could not have been the same. They made the play turn out the way it has. They created the overall theme and storyline to the play by not telling the whole future but making predictions which pushed Macbeth to commit his evil acts.

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